Graduate Courses

I - Summer Session I
E - Extended Summer Session I
II - Summer Session II
✓ - Course Offered
P - Planned

Graduate Courses
Course Course Title Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Fall 2015 Spring 2016
CSE502 Computer Architecture      
CSE504 Compiler Design      
CSE506 Operating Systems    
CSE508 Network Security      
CSE509 Computer Systems Security      
CSE516 Science For Society I    
CSE517 Science For Society II      
CSE522 Special Project in Computer Science        
CSE523 Advanced Project in Computer Science I        
CSE524 Advanced Project in Computer Science II        
CSE526 Principles of Programming Languages      
CSE527 Introduction to Computer Vision        
CSE528 Computer Graphics        
CSE532 Theory of Database Systems      
CSE534 Fundamentals of Computer Networks      
CSE535 Asynchronous Systems      
CSE537 Artificial Intelligence      
CSE540 Theory of Computation      
CSE541 Logic in Computer Science        
CSE547 Discrete Mathematics      
CSE548 Analysis of Algorithms    
CSE549 Computational Biology      
CSE564 Visualization        
CSE577 Medical Imaging        
CSE590 Fundamentals of Data Science      
CSE591 GPU Programming      
CSE592 Software Engineering      
CSE593 Independent Study in Computer Science        
CSE594 Probability & Statistics for Data Scientists      
CSE595 Special Topics in Convergence Research      
CSE596 M.S. Internship in Research        
CSE599 M.S. Thesis Research        
Advanced Courses

The following are courses normally considered appropriate for the Ph.D. program although they can be elected by M.S. students with permission of the advisor. Many are biennial only.

CSE600 Topics in Modern Computer Science      

These are offered irregularly in the Spring or Fall and normally cater to the needs of Ph.D. and research students. Seminars are 1-credit courses.

CSE646 Seminar on Bioinformatics        
CSE654 Seminar in Visualization        
CSE656 Seminar In Computer Vision        
CSE657 Seminar in Software Design and Analysis        
CSE658 Seminar on Mobile and Wireless Networking        
Ph.D. Teaching and Research Experience
CSE696 Ph.D. Internship in Research        
CSE698 Practicum in Teaching        
CSE699 Ph.D. Dissertation Research        
CSE700 Dissertation Research off Campus - Domestic students        
CSE800 Full Time Summer Research        
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